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Summerland Villa

Tasked with an ambitious timeline and without prior physical access to the property, this project aimed to convert an impersonal space into a welcoming retreat for our Canadian clients, ensuring their stay in Barbados felt like a true home away from home.


Space Planning
Concept Development
Furniture & Accessory Selection and Procurement
Project Management

The Summerland Villa project stands as a testament to the impact of expert interior design under challenging circumstances. Without the benefit of floor plans or direct measurements, our team orchestrated a comprehensive transformation, converting a nondescript interior into a vibrant, inviting haven that perfectly balances comfort and style.

Interior Design
Interior Design


The transformation journey of Summerland Villa was one of excitement and creative adaptation. In collaboration with our trusting clients, we ventured into redesigning the space based on verbal descriptions and envisioned a cohesive interior. This process highlighted our dedication to overcoming obstacles through innovative design solutions and the strength of client-designer collaboration.

Interior Design
Interior Design

The unveiling of Summerland Villa marked a significant moment of success and satisfaction. Upon their arrival, our clients were greeted by a space that not only met but exceeded their expectations, offering a sanctuary of warmth and style. This project exemplifies the power of interior design to craft personalized, comfortable environments, even when faced with the challenge of remote transformations.

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