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Cube Blue - The Barbados Port

Crafting a dynamic and inviting lobby for Cube Blue at The Barbados Port, where the brand's vibrant identity is translated into a bold and innovative interior design.


Space Planning
Architectural Drafting
Concept Development
Furniture Selection and Procurement
Material and Finish Selection
Custom Signage and Graphic Design
Custom Millwork & Cabinetry Design
3D Visualization

The Cube Blue project at The Barbados Port Inc. represents a daring venture into how brand identity can manifest within a corporate environment, extending beyond the logo to shape the customer experience. The design journey began with an analysis of Cube Blue's logo, extracting key elements like its curvilinear forms and rich color palette. This analysis guided the creation of a space that harmonizes linear architectural features with the logo's dynamic curves, brought to life through a vibrant color scheme. The lobby design incorporates modern, flexible seating arrangements like the Await Lounge System, upholstered in hues of blue with pops of mustard, emphasizing sustainability—a core Cube Blue value.

Interior Design
Interior Design


The Cube Blue lobby transformation encapsulates the essence of innovative and brand-centric design. Starting with the logo's analysis, our design process embraced the challenge of integrating the brand's identity into the physical space. The collaboration involved merging contrasting shapes and forms and selecting materials and colors that reflect Cube Blue's vibrant and dynamic nature. Each design decision, from furniture selection to color application, was meticulously made to ensure alignment with Cube Blue's branding and environmental sustainability values.

Interior Design
Interior Design

The Cube Blue project stands as a beacon of how interior design can be an extension of brand identity, creating spaces that not only serve functional purposes but also tell a story and evoke emotions. As this project progresses towards completion, it promises to be a testament to Mella Design Ltd.'s capability to innovate and execute designs that resonate with a brand's core values while pushing the boundaries of traditional corporate environments.

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