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The Nest

An ode to coastal harmony, where the essence of island breezes and oceanic hues craft a summer sanctuary.


Space Planning
Concept Development
Furniture, Lighting & Accessories Selection and Procurement
Kitchenware Selection and Procurement
Window Treatments
Custom Furniture Design
Project Management

Every corner of The Nest project whispers the soothing melodies of island
breezes and the gentle lull of ocean waves. This residential retreat is a celebration of
coastal serenity, blending the tranquillity of pristine blues and whites with vibrant
bursts of tropical hues. Inspired by the lush beauty of exotic destinations, our design
transports you to a perpetual summer escape.

Interior Design
Interior Design


While our clients were away, we spared no effort in sourcing the finest furniture, accessories, lighting, and kitchenware to fulfill their vision. From rattan chairs to woven textiles, every piece was carefully selected to evoke the essence of island
living. But we didn't stop there - we meticulously curated bathroom essentials and cleaning products, ensuring that every aspect of the home was move-in ready!

Interior Design
Interior Design

As our clients returned home, they were greeted with a breathtaking transformation that exceeded their wildest dreams. Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, they stepped into their newly adorned space and instantly felt transported to their own private paradise. Our interior design journey was not just about creating a beautiful home; it was about crafting an experience that brought our clients immense happiness and fulfillment.

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