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Banks Brewery Tavern

Reimagining a traditional tavern space into a vibrant and branded hub for Banks Brewery, blending heritage with contemporary design elements to create an inviting and functional environment.


Commercial Interior Design
Space Planning
Custom Furniture Design
Project Management

The Banks Brewery Tavern project focused on transforming the Entry Lobby and Bottle Hall into spaces that resonate with the brewery's brand and heritage. Our approach involved sourcing local materials and executing a design that could be rapidly implemented, within a tight timeline. The redesign featured innovative uses of carbon fiber wall vinyl and brand-specific signage, weaving the space with the brand's colors and ethos. The tavern was designed as a confluence of functionality and style, providing staff and visitors with a distinctive experience that encapsulates the spirit of Banks Brewery.

Interior Design
Interior Design


Our journey began with an in-depth understanding of Banks Brewery's brand identity and how it could be seamlessly integrated into the tavern's interior design. The challenge lay in adhering to a strict budget and timeline while ensuring the space was both welcoming and efficient. Through close collaboration with local artisans and suppliers, we crafted a design that was quick to install yet did not compromise on quality or aesthetic appeal. The project was a balancing act of creative design and practical application, resulting in a space that truly represents the Banks Brewery brand.

Interior Design
Interior Design

The Banks Brewery Tavern stands as a testament to Mella Design Ltd.'s ability to deliver high-impact interior design solutions under tight constraints. This project highlights our expertise in blending brand identity with interior spaces, creating environments that not only look impressive but also function seamlessly. It showcases our commitment to innovative design, local sourcing, and efficient project management, making it a proud addition to our portfolio of successful projects.

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