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What Are the Pros and Cons of Pursuing an Online Vs On-Campus Interior Design Degree?

Should you pursue your Interior Design Degree Online or On Campus?

So, this is an interesting question because I do believe both have their pros and cons. However, every individual’s situation is different, so one may be a better / preferred option for you, vs for someone else. Let's break down the pros and cons of each option. 


You Learn How To Sell Yourself

Through an on-campus setting, you will be presenting to a room full of other students, your professors, and often times other professionals who sit in on presentations as guests / recruiters. Trust me, the feedback and criticism will toughen you up real quick and force some confidence onto you.

You Build Strong Relationships

More Intimate Relationships With Professor

A More Motivated Structure / Environment

On Campus Resources


Ohhh Tuition! I Hope You Had A Great Savings!

Attending an on-campus program can be much more costly than pursuing your degree online. It's just like going to work vs working from home; money is to be spent in transportation and food. Let's not forget the difference between in-state tuition, out of state tuition, international tuition. Yeah, they don't tell you everyone in your class pays varied amounts for tuition based on where they are from/located. 


Though some students live in the same state and can commute from home (which definitely saves them on bucks), most students in University are from out of state, or even from another country! This means...dorm living. Dorm living comes with a heavy price too. 

Traditional Classrooms May Not Be For You

It Can Get Lonely

If you're out-of-state or international, you're likely away from your family and your closest friends. It does get lonely, but don't let that be a huge con. Uni is still a great place to meet some great friends. I actually met two of my best friends, who will probably be life-long friends! Open your mind to new adventure.



Online Classes means flexibility. Many of us have jobs we can't let go of, families to took care of, many other responsibilities we can't leave behind. Taking classes online often allows you to work your degree into your schedule. 

I've met many persons who are already committed to careers, but have had a change of heart to switch over to Design. Taking your degree online allows you to kick start pursuing your dreams, while staying true to your responsibilities.

Traditional Classrooms May Not Be For You

Save Money on Presentations!

Save Money on Everything!


How Self-Disciplined Are You?

Is Home Really A Quiet Place?

A Social Life

You May Have To Invest In Some Tech


Unfortunately, many persons see Online Degrees as a "joke". It's a mindless stereotype which makes no sense, I know. Though, the world is changing for the better and Online Degrees are gaining more credit, there are still a few firms, even friends and family who may not want to take you seriously. 

Don't let that stop you though. With everything going on in the world, Online Degrees will quickly become very acceptable in the near future.


I hope this gave you some clarity! Whether you want to pursue your degree online or on-campus, is all up to you! 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

 Melissa :)


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