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Furniture PACKAGES


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What are the benefits of purchasing a furniture package with us?

Professional Design and Quality Assurance
  • Curated by professional interior designers, ensuring harmony throughout the space.

  • Prioritize high quality materials & craftsmanship, ensuring durability & functionality.

  • You benefit from expert design and top-tier quality without having to lift a finger.

Convenience &
  • You skip the time-consuming process of shopping around and comparing prices.

  • We handle selection, delivery & install.

  • We provide you with everything in one go, saving you time & stress.

  • You get to enjoy your new space immediately without any hassle.

Cost-Efficiency &
Added Value
  • Our furniture packages offer significant cost savings with Duty Free Concessions.

  • Our package covers container costs, surcharges, shipping admin fees, broker fees, insurance, delivery & install.

  • Investing in a furniture package can also enhance the overall value of your condo.


CHOOSE your style

Coastal Living Room
Coastal Haven

The Coastal Haven Package is a tranquil blend of coastal charm and elegance. Featuring delicate prints of shells and sea creatures, soothing blue hues, and accents of pale wood and coral tones, each piece creates a serene sanctuary within your home. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this collection captures the essence of coastal living, offering a perfect balance of comfort and style.

Island Oasis PACKAGE
The Island Oasis Package offers a serene and relaxed ambiance inspired by the tranquil beauty of island living. Designed to evoke the breezy charm of this seaside residence, this furniture collection combines natural elements, light colors, and casual elegance to create a welcoming and refreshing environment.
Island design living room
Contemporary living room
Golden Paradise

The Golden Paradise Package is an exquisite collection of furniture designed to elevate the living space with its luxurious, tropical appeal, through gold and marble textures, warm fabrics and navy blue accents. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using only the finest materials, this package exudes elegance and style. 

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