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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What do prices include?

All prices shown are inclusive of package contents, design fees, storage, shipping, cargo insurance, custom clearances, delivery & install. CLICK TO READ MORE.

  • Are packages customizable?

Packages MAY be customizable, depending on the circumstance. Depending on your customizations, an additional Design Fee may or may not be applicable.

  • How do I care for my furniture?

Care instructions are provided with each piece. Generally, it's recommended to dust regularly, avoid direct sunlight, and clean spills immediately with a damp cloth.

  • Will items go out of stock?

Yes, Items can go out of stock. If any items within the packages become out of stock or unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute items of similar style and quality at no additional cost to you. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that substitutions are as close in appearance and function to the original items as possible

  • What is the lead time for install after placing my order?

We have coordinated our timelines to harmonize with Fort Carlisle's hand-over process in 2025.

  • Do you offer financing options for the packages?

Unfortunately we do not offer financing options. However, deposit payments will be made in phases.

  • Do I pay in full or a deposit? 

Payment will be phased into THREE (3) Deposits.

Deposit #1: 70% Upon Agreement

Deposit #2: 20% Upon Shipping

Deposit #3: 10% Upon Installation

  • Is there a deadline to place my order? 

Yes, all Agreements and Initial Deposits MUST be finalized by September 15th 2024. This allows us to stay on schedule with our suppliers, shipping and install timelines.

  • If I'm not interested in the packages, can you create a custom package for my Unit? 

Yes, of course! We are Interior Designers, providing you with full scale concept to completion interior design. Book an Interior Design Consultation with us (, so we can discuss your vision, scope of work and provide a quotation.

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