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For Beginners

Course Dates: 4th November 2023 – 29th November 2023
Course Duration: 4 Weeks (8 Classes) 
Class Duration: 3 – 4 Hours
Course Schedule: Wednesday 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Course Location: Shop #5 Town Square Mall, Speightstown, St. Peter.
Course Investment: $2,500 BDS
AutoCAD LT Software: Free 30 Day Trial

About This Course

This in-person, hands-on practical AutoCAD Course is for anyone who wants to learn how to Draft 2D Plans & Elevations, as well as learn all of the key tools of the software. This course is ideal for complete beginners or persons with little experience using the software. There will be two classes per week, for four weeks, with practice exercises and tests in between.

Why Take This Course?

AutoCAD is an excellent software to learn, to help you advance in your career. Drafting in AutoCAD certainly allows you to save time and money when working on projects. See below some benefits of AutoCAD:


  • Increases accuracy and reduces errors. 

  • Saves time and therefore saves money.

  • Easier to share files with other professionals.

  • Calculations are easier and quicker.

  • Manipulate layers to plot multiple drawings, rather than manually drafting different plans.

  • Image tracing allows for more accurately drawn objects.

  • You are more likely to be hired if you know AutoCAD, rather than someone who doesn’t. 

Why AutoCAD LT?

AutoCAD LT is the Lite Version of AutoCAD. Both offer the same core features, however AutoCAD offers both 2D and 3D capabilities, resulting in it being more costly, while AutoCAD LT offers comprehensive 2D capabilities and costs less. As designers, we don’t typically work outside of the 2D Drafting capabilities of AutoCAD. Therefore, AutoCAD LT is suitable for Architectural Designers.

Course Syllabus


Day One, Part One: Introduction to AutoCAD

  • Navigating User Interface

  • Drafting & Annotation Workspace

  • File Management

  • Commands & Shortcuts

Day One, Part Two: Creating Basic Drawings

  • Setting Drawing Units

  • Drafting Settings

  • Creating Basic Objects & Shapes

Homework: Practice on Creating Basic Objects & Shapes, Using Commands & Shortcuts.


Day Two, Part One: Modifying Objects

Test One: Commands & Shortcuts

  • Moving, Copying, Rotating & Mirroring Objects

  • Fillet, Trimming & Offsetting Objects

  • Stretch, Scale & Array

Day Two, Part Two: Layers & Properties

  • Creating & Manipulating Layers

  • Manipulating Object Properties

  • Understanding Line Types

Homework: Practice on Creating Basic Objects & Shapes, Using Commands & Shortcuts, Modification Tools and Manipulating layers & Properties.


Day One, Part One: Layouts and Viewports

  • Understanding Layouts

  • Page Setups

  • Understanding Viewports

  • Object Visibility in Viewports

Day One, Part Two Annotating & Dimensioning

  • Creating Multi-line & Single-line Text

  • Using Leaders to Annotate

  • Annotation & Text Properties

  • Creating & Editing Dimensions

  • Manipulating Dimension Style

Homework: Practice Dimensioning & Annotating a Shape, then displaying in a Viewport.


Day Two, Part One: Hatching, Tables, Blocks & External References

Test Three: Creating Objects, Dimensioning & Annotating.

  • Hatching Objects

  • Manipulating Hatches

  • Creating & Inserting Blocks

  • Creating & Using Tables

Day Two, Part Two: Grouping, Measuring, Paper Space, Title Blocks & Sheets

  • Creating & Using Groups

  • Understanding the Measure Tools

  • Understanding Paper Space

  • Viewports in Paper Space

  • Creating, Copying & Moving Sheets

  • Inserting & Editing Title Blocks

Homework: Practice Manipulating Hatches on Objects and displaying on a Paper Space Viewport.




Day One, Part One: Creating 2D Floor Plans

Test Four: Commands & Shortcuts

  • Replicate a 2D Floor Plan, using the tools learnt so far.

  • Dimension & Annotate the Floor Plan.

Day One, Part Two: Scales & Plot Interface

  • Scaling Drawings in Paper Space

  • Understanding Plot Interface

  • Plotting Drawings

Homework: Dimension, Annotate and Plot 2D Floor Plan.


Day Two, Part One: Creating 2D Elevations

Test Five: Modifications, Hatches & Blocks

  • Replicate a 2D Elevation, using the tools learnt so far.

  • Learn Wipeout Tool.

  • More Practice Plotting Drawings

Day Two, Part Two: External References & Tables

  • Replicate a 2D Lighting & Power Plan

  • External References

  • Creating & Editing Tables

  • More Practice Plotting Drawings

Homework: Practice for Final Exam.


Day One: Final Exam

  • Final Exam to create Drawing Set, demonstrating understanding of all tools learnt in this course.


Day Two: Review of Final Exam

  • Reviewing typical mistakes made on Final Exam.

  • Reviewing any topics Students request.

How To Register?

Payment is made in full, before the deadline date 11th October 2023.

Payment is accepted via Cash, Cheque or Wire Transfer.

Payment by Card is also accepted but will result in a 5% Fee.

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